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We are separated by the social distancing Covid-19 has caused. Each person on the planet has been separated by the invisible divide of illness, so after a 50% drop in lung function Ashleigh who suffers with a life-threatening illness has written a song to try help get us through. Just as negative electrons bind atoms into the world around us, and as steel is strengthened through fire, it is our adversity in life that connects us as a humanity.

Now more so than ever, we are connected by what keeps us apart.

And that’s what this song is about. Us. You. Me, and friends we don’t know yet. People from very different worlds separated but also united by the problem we’re all facing.


Whether you miss your loved ones, whether your dreams have been stamped upon, whether you don’t have enough food, enough money, no friends, or there’s no place for you to go, if you’re hurting, or if you’re sick too:

This song, film and concert is for you.

And that’s the reason for holding the Worlds Apart concert on the 7th June. To live life, right now, the best we can do it. This song was written for you, and all people, therefore you should be the one to sing it.

So if you want the chance to be in the film and join the concert please either sign up in the link above or send @ashleighharleyofficial a message!

Let’s come together on the 7th June 2020 in this unprecedented pandemic, and sing together whilst we all stay ‘Worlds Apart’.